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9 March, 2021

What’s happening at Wahroonga, February 26

WHAT A lovely week we have had, singing and shopping; we have had some lovely photos of our residents, and we have three sets of sisters within our little community, so it was nice to share some time with each of them.

Fay deep in concentration. PHOTO: supplied

WHAT A lovely week we have had, singing and shopping; we have had some lovely photos of our residents, and we have three sets of sisters within our little community, so it was nice to share some time with each of them. 

Singing is run by some of our volunteers, and it is great to see them coming back to us, even with the new onboarding.  

However due to room size restrictions — social distancing, we can only bring so many volunteers back and only into certain activities.   

Frustrating I know, but necessary within COVID times, but how good are our Volunteers, or any volunteers really, people who give their time freely and without expectation are truly valued. 

Our town shopping day is going back to a Thursday, so keep an eye out for us all. 

For staff, the week has just been as hectic, we are finalizing the work done with Wound Innovations and in conjunction with this doing a mattress audit, pressure area care is just as important as wound care, and they go hand in hand for good quality clinical care.  
We had 15 staff involved in the Moove and Groove training; there was such excitement in the room and the possibilities and potential this has for our residents.  

Moove and Groove programs for Active Seniors brings person-centered experiences and improve the wellbeing of seniors via easy-to-use technology.   

We are starting the actual trial on March 1, and it goes for 6 weeks, we will also have Michelle Roche from Moove and Groove, on-site March 5 to assist us with any queries.   

We also had the CQPHU (Central Queensland Public Health Uni) on-site to review our COVID outbreak management plan — happy to say this went very well and was a constructive visit. 

The desert roses are still for sale with our little market garden, they have been joined by some lovely, variegated hibiscus, proceeds from the sale for toward Tai Chi. 

TAI CHI started February 15 Community Tai Chi program (over 65), through the CHSP (Commonwealth Health Support Program) funding.   

It will be held 9 am to 930 am in our Kroombit Wing Activity and Education Centre.   
If you would like to attend, please call Wahroonga on 4992 8300 and we can assist you in joining in this very beneficial activity.   

HCP (Home Care Package) 

Did you know Wahroonga is also able to service your Home Care Packages?  

Our home care packages, tailor care and services to make your every day easier.   

The carers build relationships based on care, respect, and trust, and the main feedback from our recent survey was the appreciation for familiar faces, you know who is coming to assist you.  

If you would like Wahroonga to assist you with HCP then give us a call - contact Service Manager Lorna Perrett for further information, 4992 8300. 

But, in the meantime, until next week remember — Life is short, be true to yourself, be true to your values, be kind, and spread joy! 


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