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25 March, 2021

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Biloela’s first COVID jab

THE shire’s first ‘jab’ was had in the Biloela Hospital earlier today, with receiver Kara Quinn saying it “was like any other vaccine”.

By Michael R Williams

Kara Quinn was the first to receive the jab in Biloela. PHOTO: Supplied.

THE shire’s first ‘jab’ was had in the Biloela Hospital earlier today, with receiver Kara Quinn saying it “was like any other vaccine”.  

Ms Quinn is a registered nurse at the hospital. 

It was important that the vaccine was in the shire, and residents would not have to travel to Rockhampton or Gladstone.  

 “We have to travel for everything else, we don’t even have a Target around here anymore,” she said.  

 “You can’t even buy undies anymore in Biloela.  

 “The fact that we don’t have to travel [for the vaccine] is just one less thing for us to have to worry about.” 

 Kara has been a nurse in Biloela for six years and recently graduated as a registered nurse.  

 She lives on a cattle property just a short drive from Biloela.  

CEO of Central Queensland Health and Hospital Services Steve Williamson said the vaccine would be critical to opening things up again for local community groups and businesses. 

“We are fortunate, firstly, that we haven’t had many cases,” Mr Williamson said.  

“We’ve had good fortune, based on decisions made by Commonwealth and State Governments, they have had a huge impact on reducing the prevalence from COVID-19.” 
 “Everyone did the right thing from the word go, when we asked them to stay home, they stayed home.” 

He said to be mindful, still, while they were commencing the rollout.  

 “We need everyone to keep doing the right thing while we wait for the vaccine rollout,” he said.  

 “For community groups, I think it’s really important, but also to protect our frontline health staff.  

 “It’s really exciting to be involved in it, there’s a real atmosphere here.” 

He said the whole community would not be vaccinated before the show, as the rollout would be ongoing until July, so social distancing. Would still be required.  

 “There is a line of prioritisation that starts with our frontline health workers, at the same time the GPs will start to deliver to the elderly in our population,” he said.  

 “The broader population will not start getting access to the vaccines for another four or five weeks. 

 “So, we need to manage expectations until then.” 

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