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15 December, 2020

Christmas Island in name only for Biloela family

This Christmas maybe spare a thought for Biloela’s adapted family Nades, his wife Pria and their two daughters Kopika and Tharnicaa.

Nades, his wife Pria, and their daughters, Kopika and Tharnicaa.

Christmas in detention will be much like every other day for our “Biloela” family as they will be once again forced to spend it in the Phosphate Hill Immigration Detention Centre surrounded by guards. They don’t get to go to shops to stock up on their favourite foods or pick out presents. 

No pictures with Santa, picking decorations or putting up a Christmas Tree. 

This holiday time will not be spent visiting family members or close friends. No play dates for the girls or trips to the beach or movies. 

Sadly for Tharnicaa and Kopika their holiday memories will not include such joyful activities that most of us take for granted

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