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10 September, 2020

Car taken from Biloela residence has been located

Biloela Police news: Local residents urged to secure their property

Overnight from September 7-8, 2020, the occupants of a house in Biloela had their car keys stolen from where they were left on a table at the back of the house.  

The stolen keys were used to take their vehicle and drive it away.  The vehicle was later found abandoned without damage in Mallinsons Rd, Callide. 

Investigations have identified that this vehicle was taken by a 16-year-old child who had been interviewed and dealt with under the provisions of the Youth Justice Act.

 Police notified of night-time trespasser

On the following night (September 8-9), police were notified of an adult trespassing in various yards in the area around Malikoff and Rainbow Streets.  

Patrols were made immediately but have yet to identify any property stolen or locate the offender.  

If any person finds a person trespassing or attempting to gain entry into their vehicles, please ring 000.  

 Remember to secure your property

Police are urging all community members to secure their houses, valuables and vehicles.  

Historically, as the weather warms up leading into summer there is an increase in opportunistic crime as windows and doors are left open for ventilation making easy access for a thief.  

The rates of property crime are presently down from previous years and police need the help from the public to report suspicious activity immediately and secure their property.

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