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18 March, 2021

Nine to go to Little Athletics State Championships

A hot Sunday afternoon did not deter the Biloelan youngsters from giving Little Athletics ago.

By Michael R Williams

Nate Gill U8, Nash Thornton U9, Kayley Brooks U12 sitting in the equipment trolley. PHOTOS: Supllied

A hot Sunday afternoon did not deter Biloelan youngsters from giving Little Athletics a go. 

All nine athletes will compete in Brisbane this weekend in the State Championships. 

The names of the athletes are Will, Ruby, Callie, Summah, Chloe, Clae, Kobi, Hayley, and Annabelle. 

The Biloela Little Athletics club also completed its fundraising goals last Sunday.
Centre Manager Joselyn Thornton said they were thankful for all the sponsors who had come from a variety of places in the community.

"All up we organised four Sausage Sizzles between Home Timber & Hardware Biloela and Callide Valley 4x4 & Outdoor, four $2 Money Boards, one $10 Money Board, and a Two Prize Tupperware Raffle donated by Ally," she said. 

"On top of all this we had Anne Marie donate $200 and then Beyer's Smash Repairs Biloela donated an incredible $1500, this is still mind-blowing.

"Plus we had amazing winners donate all or part of their winnings back, Sara Dennis donated $100 and Clayne Tarry $150.

"We can not forget every single person who supported our sausage sizzles and raffles or who just said, ‘keep the change’, ‘I just want to make a donation’ — your support is greatly appreciated and from us all."

The club smashed their initial fundraising goals. 

The final count was $4613.95.

Lauren Hutton U11 practicing her discus.

Kobi Symes U13 will be going to State Championships here he is at discus. 

Jay Hinchcliffe U10, performing discus. 

Annabella Becker U16, Hayley Thornton U15, Summah Thornton U12, Kobi Symes U13 are shocked by how good the Biloela Little Athletics team is. 

Lauren Hutton U11, Kayley Brooks U12 running over the finish line. 

Hannah Hutton U7 performing discus.

Callie Symes U11

Georiga Brosnan U6 performing discus

A group photo of Nate Gill, Jay, Nash, Chloe, Kayley, Ruby, Hayley, Callie, Tyhde, Will, Lillian, Clae, Lauren, Summah, Annabella, Kobi, Hannah, Mackenna, Georiga and Teddy, Alba

Tyhde Hinchcliff U8 performing shot put. 

McKenna Brosnan U8 performing shot put. 

Kayley Brooks U11 performing shot put.

Hayley Thornton U15 performing discus.

Nate Gill U9 performing discus. 

Clae Thornton U12 performing discus.

Alba Hughes U9 performing discus

Teddy Hughes U10 performing shot put. 

Will Brooks U10 performing discus.

Nash Thornton U9 performing discus.

Lillian Hutton U9 performing discus.

Kate and Bally measuring distances of throws.

Jay Hinchcliffe U10 performing discus.

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