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9 March, 2021

Students lift their game

THE REDEEMER College grade 11s and 12s have been learning that weightlifting isn’t just about improving muscle mass but has many other benefits too.

By Michael R Williams

The Redeemer college Grade 11 and 12s are learning the value of movement at this Sin-Ergy class. PHOTOS: Michael R Williams

THE REDEEMER College grade 11s and 12s have been learning that weightlifting isn’t just about improving muscle mass but has many other benefits too.  

PE Teacher Jody Burchell has been teaching students the basics of health and fitness as a part of an eight-week program with Sin-Ergy Strength.   

“We do a workout session each week, James speaks to the students about nutrition and the students later do an assessment on the topic,” Ms Burchell said.  

She said the class emphasises exercises that benefit people in the real world and a knowledge of nutrition.  

“It’s the future of exercise. As we grow older and become busier people, we get less time to participate in team sports. 

“The gym is where most people do and will continue to get most of their exercise. 
“Most kids only get so much time after class.” 

She said the class had awoken the kids to the fact that the gym isn’t just for the “perceived super fit”, but for everyone.  

The class has benefited the students in other ways such as improving motor functions that will help prevent future injuries.  

Coach and Sin-Ergy business owners James and Tracey Kelly said “We run through all the movement patterns”. 

“It’s about getting the kids to move correctly,” they said. 

“What we’ve learned over the years is if you look at a baby squatting, they know how to do it.  

“But when you look at a grade ‘elevener’, they don’t know the first thing.   

“Somewhere along there they’ve lost their instinct.”  

They emphasise that learning how to move properly is vital to preventing back injuries that can occur in any workplace or at home.  

They hope to combine both team sports and individual exercise.  

“Group fitness is our core offering,” they said.  

“We all want our alone time until that’s all we’re allowed to do.” 
James Kelly said the program was inclusive to fitness junkies of all levels.  

“Just because you’re lifting 400 kilos and the guy next to you is lifting 40, doesn’t mean you’re any different,” he said. 

The Kelly’s ran the program with Redeemer College in 2019, but it had to be cancelled last year due to COVID-19. 

They are excited to be running it again this year.  
Sin-Ergy is a functional fitness gym that runs Yoga, Muay Thai, and Personal Training. 



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